Walking difficulty is a common and costly problem in older adults.

Certified Instructor Directory

NameDate of CertificationRegionContact
Jennifer Brach, PT, PhD2013North Hillscontact@onthemove.pitt.edu
Jessie VanSwearingen, PT, PhD2013South Hillscontact@onthemove.pitt.edu
Leslie Coffman, PT2013South Hillscontact@onthemove.pitt.edu
Bret Shaffer2018East Pittsburghshafferb@kent.edu
John Cenedella2018East Pittsburghcenedella@gmail.com
Diane Markovitz, PT2019North Hills and East Pittsburghdemarkovitz@gmail.com
Virginia Renegar2019South Hillsginnyrenegar.gr@gmail.com

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