Challenging & Progressive

“In the spring I would walk in the gardens, walk a bit and sit down, and walk some more. Now I am capable of going the full distance. In the exercise program…you start walking all the different patters…almost 45 minutes, and I found I could do that, I don’t have to sit down, I can keep on going.”


“We finally got it perfect and then she changed it!”


“I thought it was a good exercise program for a person as old as I was. I am 84 now, and it has helped me in my older age to keep moving.”


“I like OTM because the instructors are all in line with us and if we have trouble, they come up nice and gently to us.”


“I think the emphasis on walking around obstacles and making sure that we made it around corners and so on—I’ve never been in an exercise class that did that. I don’t think any of the other exercise classes we have right now do that.”


“When you’re younger, you don’t have to think about how to make your body work. On the Move: Group Exercise for Improved Mobility in Older Adults® (OTM) helped get us back to doing things like we did when we were younger.”


“This program is definitely different from the other exercise programs that I have done.”


“We had a full group coming to the program and it was very good—nobody got discouraged. If you give exercises to people and they are too difficult, they get disheartened and they quit, but in our group I haven’t seen any drop-offs. I really like the program, I’m really happy that they have it here.”


“The class feels like a family.”

Confidence Building

“Being able to walk in a situation like the class made me much more confident. I’m finding that I’m much more confident in walking without any kind of assistance! I have a cane as a backup and now I’ve discovered that I can just take off without it.”


“The walking around the cones gave me a little bit more confidence about being out in the crowds. The instructor explained what it was supposed to do when you change directions and some are going this way and some are going the other way . . . it was helpful, you slow down or do whatever you needed to do to not run into the other person.”